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  • What is Celltrion Healthcare?

    Celltrion Healthcare has the exclusive sales right to biological medicines, including biosimilars co-developed by its subsidiary Celltrion. Specializing in marketing and sales of biosimilars in the global markets, Celltrion Healthcare has signed marketing partnerships with various global pharmaceuticals to effectively enter the local markets.

    Once a medical product is developed and approved, Celltrion Healthcare carries out a variety of promotional campaigns for academia, patients, and doctors in close collaboration with local marketing and sales partners selected after a strict internal evaluation process. Its products are available in about 110 countries across the world. By monitoring side effects and carrying out clinical tests, Celltrion Healthcare has been taking responsibility as a reliable enterprise complying with laws and regulations in each country.

    Besides, Celltrion Healthcare will continue to enhance collaboration with its partners to make its newly launched products successfully enter the local markets. To further gain access to the markets, it also plans to secure direct selling channels in the competent areas with potential for growth and expansion in the long term.
  • What are the strengths of Celltrion Healthcare in terms of marketing and sales?

    Celltrion Healthcare is a marketing and sales company with more than six years of experience in global commercialization. Since it launched Remsima®, the world’s first biosimilar monoclonal antibody (mAb) in the European market in 2013, Celltrion Healthcare has been accumulating knowledge and experience in marketing and sales of biosimilars and building clinical data based on actual cases in the world that involved prescribing the medications. Based on such data, Celltrion Healthcare will continue to create more effective plans and roadmaps for product marketing, sales, and commercialization.

    In addition, Celltrion Healthcare has been prompting the government and private assurance companies to come up with guidelines and policies in favor of biosimilars by showing them the benefits of biosimilars cost-wise based on the clinical and pharmacoeconomic data particularly when the government secures its health-care budget or the assurance companies pay assurance costs. It is evident that Celltrion Healthcare has been playing a crucial role in shaping positive opinion about biosimilars among medical communities and important opinion leaders in the global markets.
  • How do pharmaceutical sales via global sales partners work?

    Celltrion Healthcare has been building trust with large global pharmaceuticals and making the most out of their competencies and resources in the local markets. Through active collaboration with about 30 local partners such as Pfizer and Teva equipped with strong sales skills and various distribution channels, Celltrion Healthcare has been offering medicine to about 110 countries across the world. Thanks to the local sales channels and resources of the global partners, Celltrion Healthcare has been accumulating its knowledge and experience related to biosimilar sales and creating strong synergy, particularly in terms of marketing.
  • How do Celltrion Healthcare’s direct sales work?

    While enhancing collaboration with global partners, Celltrion Healthcare has been building a direct selling system with a particular focus on growing markets in Central and South America and Asia based on its hands-on experience and extensive knowledge in marketing and distribution accumulated over many years in major medicine markets across Europe and the United States.

    Based on its hands-on experience accumulated in advanced markets, in-depth analysis into growing markets, and extensive knowledge in marketing and sales, Celltrion Healthcare has been carrying out direct selling tailored for each country. As a result, it managed to win government projects in major countries in Central and South America such as Peru, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. It also succeeded in exclusively supplying its biosimilars after winning the bids in major markets in Asia including Singapore and Thailand. In addition, it has been celebrating meaningful achievements based on the overseas branches’ capability to consistently communicate with the government agencies of each country and prompt them to come up with policies in favor of biosimilars.

    Learning from its previous experience, Celltrion Healthcare is currently preparing to directly sell Remsima SC®, a subcutaneous version of Remsima® that will be launched soon, in some of the advanced markets in the world. To do so, it has been carrying out its plan to build a direct selling system in major countries by establishing overseas branches and recruiting local talents.

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