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제목 Introduction of Celltrion Healthcare
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Advanced and innovative therapeutics within everyone’s reach, Celltrion Healthcare

In a hectic world many people get lost in their busy lives often overlooking the smaller but important things.

They can lose sight of others, those in need of our help.

Celltrion Healthcare started with a belief that the world could be a better place if people showed more warmth and offered a helping hand to those in need.

At Celltrion Healthcare, we appreciate and never lose sight of the people around us.

We are committed to putting patients first and believe that everyone deserves access to the treatments they require.

By specializing in marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical products, Celltrion Healthcare has not only conducted medical and marketing activities to educate and deliver accurate information to healthcare professionals and patients, but have also thoroughly managed the distribution process to maintain the best quality from dispatch of medicinal products to administration on patients. Moreover, Celltrion Healthcare operates a rigorous pharmacovigilance system because safety of patients is the number one priority for us.

Biological agents account for a very large portion of approximately 20% of the total pharmaceutical market and 80% of the top 10 pharmaceutical products. Biologics are expected to continue to lead the growth of the global pharmaceutical market.

With this prospect, the future of Celltrion Healthcare is even brighter than ever.

Globally, Celltrion Healthcare has established a vast distribution network of partners and experts in more than 120 countries who have in-depth knowledge and experience in their local markets.

Celltrion Healthcare establishes global marketing strategies for Remsima, the world’s first monoclonal antibody biosimilar, Truxima, and Herzuma, and executes marketing activities that are optimized to each country with our global partners.

The attention that started as simple curiosity on the world’s first monoclonal antibody biosimilar developer has now changed to a stature standing side by side with leaders of the global pharmaceutical industry, and Celltrion Healthcare attracts attention from the medical community around the world whenever new clinical results are released.

Celltrion Healthcare’s medical and marketing activities are not just restricted to physicians.

Celltrion Healthcare not only educates pharmacists, nurses, and patient advocacy groups, but has also persuaded government and insurance bodies to change policies in favor of biosimilars by proving that patient accessibility can be improved with the financial advantages of biosimilars. The NOR-SWITCH study voluntarily conducted by the Norwegian government is a prime example.

Celltrion Healthcare began with biosimilars and is becoming a global marketing and distribution specialist by strengthening its medical and marketing capabilities.

Celltrion Healthcare is strengthening its portfolio not only on new biosimilars, but also on chemical and new antibody drugs that surpass biobetters, and will expand its business area through mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures.

At Celltrion Healthcare we are heading a new era in biologic therapy. We are committed to delivering affordable high quality advanced therapeutics to patients and those who care for them.

Celltrion Healthcare will evolve endlessly to ensure that necessary treatments will be available to all patients.

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